Welcome to the Boardroom360 motherflippers!!!

After a completely sober conversation ( I wish I had been drunk)  with my missus I had the utterly marvellous idea to start my very own blog…the only real issue being that I was pretty unsure what to write about. which on the whole is relatively important to a successful blog!

Ergo, thus, therefore I decided to muse upon my passion; this being the wonderful, amazing, fantastic, groin grabbingly brilliant, bollock achingly stupendous world of Snowboarding!!!!

Now let’s not get carried away. I am by no means an expert on this subject BUT I want this page to be enjoyable for anyone who dares to read it and enjoyable for me, the muppet, to write. I will attempt to integrate trending topics from the boarding community, display new technologies and share my own experiences with you lot! I will also (occassionally) tangent off to something completely unrelated…apologies.

If you like what you see then follow me and leave lovely comments, if not then go grab a pair of skis and motherflip off.

Stay tuned boarders




One thought on “Motherflippers!!!

  1. Kuba says:

    as promised………. you’re gay 😛

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