Summer Boardom…

Ok so first things first. Apologies to anybody following this blog, I did make  the statement that this would be posted yesterday afternoon but hey, life sometimes gets in the way! It’s here now so let’s get on with it shall we?

I must make the point that I do fully understand the irony of creating a snowboard blog at the end of June but I do require something to get me through the, quite frankly, dull summer months. Since my introduction to the world of snow sports I have wanted to do very little else apart from hit the piste whilst attempting to catch air off kickers that could possibly
maim me! Living in the middle of England poses one major problem, it’s an obvious yet rather large issue folks; very little snow. Where I live (a small town called Malvern) we were forecast a relatively white winter, yet to my memory all I can remember is approx 3 days of the glorious white stuff. None of which settled for any amount of time. Now in some respects boarders in my town are relatively lucky as we are blessed with the beautiful Malvern Hills which when covered in snow are stunning! Although these moments are few and far between, even then the powder doesn’t tend to be deep enough.  The only time these conditions happened to be perfect I happened to be in the middle of Sydney Australia on my travels! Freakin wonderful!

I have quite often thought of moving to a colder climate during the summer months, New Zealand during our summer period is particularly cold offering excellent snow sport opportunities. I again was unfortunate whilst in the southern hemisphere to have missed the NZ snow season by 1 solitary week! ONE!!!!! My buddy living out there now informs (constantly mocks) me on how brilliant life is out on the mountains. A big part of me dislikes him now…although I’m not bitter…I think.

Canada is also a place I have always wanted to board yet their seasons are pretty much identical to Europe, so it would be kind of retarded to give that serious thought right now.

What I really need is a summer sport that can live up to the excitement of my winter one. I thought I had found it on the east coast of OZ at the most relaxed place on earth, Spot X. This place, no joke was a version of heaven. Having bbqs leading out onto the beach and sitting around a fire in the evening on surf board benches is my idea of perfection. As Two Season says, “Life is always better in board shorts” I couldn’t put it better myself! If i could I would snowboard in them. Anyway as you may have guessed by the benches, this summer sport was Surfing. Straight away I fell in love and it became pretty natural, standing up and riding in on my first attempt was a great feeling. I did keep this up and even surfed in Byron bay on small boards and I was confident that this was it, until I arrived home. I live in the Midlands people, NO FREAKIN SEA!!! Back to the drawing board!

Boarders, let’s look forward to the cold and dark mornings that will inevitably (hopefully) bring the glorious frozen rain from the sky and provide us with true happiness. Until then lets at least pray summer does improve so that we can at least get to show off our legs for a while.

Also ESPY Nominations are out! Vote for best male action sports athlete, Big names this year. Click on the link below to cast your vote for this and other awards.


Until Next time boarders x


2 thoughts on “Summer Boardom…

  1. Sam Eden says:

    I’m loving the added bonus of surfing here. Snowboarding and surfing do seem to go hand in hand. Well I can snowboard pretty well, then I tried surfing and managed to stand up pretty much straight away. I don’t know if that works with everyone, but I’ve only tried surfing a few times and am eager to do some more. Only problem is I have a serious fear of sharks!

    Anyway its a similar exhilarating feeling whether you are cruising in to the shore or gliding down the powder and it means you can board all year! How about wake boarding, I’ve never tried that. How does that compare?

    • Wake boarding is tricky I find, although I did try it before snowboarding. The concept of holding onto a rope or chord is interesting as it adds a new element to think about. We should try it soon.

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