The Tamworth Review

The Tamworth Review

Hi there boarders!

It’s been a little while so here goes…

Through the use of this blog I will review certain aspects of the Snowboarding world, be it new equipment, snow resorts and local indoor facilities will all be subject to my own personal (100% amateur) opinion; all of which should be taken as such. As stated before in my opening blog, I am no expert by any means. I am an average Joe who happens to enjoy this sport, I have some knowledge to pass on and I hope it is useful.

Right then! The first review that I have decided to write is that of the Tamworth Snowdome.

I must state prior to writing this entry that this is virtually my home inThe Tamworth Snowdome relation to boarding, I have learnt here, fallen here, smashed up various parts of my body here and honed my skills here. That said I will not write this with a bias mindset, I am aware of it’s good qualities and indeed it’s flaws.

Built in 1994 the 170m slope is by far in a way not the longest slope in the world; I do regularly find myself getting into some sort of groove and before I know it I have had to hit the backside break before taking out a small (massive) group of children. These children do happen to be in pairs of skis so let’s face it, it wouldn’t be that bad…but they are children and I do have some morals…sort of. Despite this length issue *insert crude joke here* I find myself repeatedly going  back.Yeh,ok, nobody is going to be able to get any endurance practice here but with its sharp left turn from the top of the slope it’s long enough to gain enough speed to hit the kickers and practice your basic riding skills. The freshly/daily built kickers along with other toys changing constantly there is enough to keep you (well definately me) busy, I think it’s best to try and master the smaller tricks before hitting the big stuff. There are also additional hidden away (small) academy slopes for learners to practice on which is a hidden bonus!

One of the massive plus points for the Snowdome is its staff. They are a major credit to this organisation! From the reception to the bar from the shop to the instructors, there is always a welcoming smile that is willing to help at any point, this cannot be said for all organisations (not just within snow sports.) I’m never ceased to be amazed at the patience of the instructors. If it were me teaching novices every day I am pretty sure I would go off my freakin rocker! But day in day out these men and women go about there jobs despite the morons who can’t wait and can’t be bothered to learn the basics and end up in the Superman position in mid air…I must apologise for that.They make the experience completely enjoyable for the newcomer. In addition a complimentary lunch or dinner is usually put on for learners which I think is a classy touch.

Facilities and equipment is up to a good standard. The bar and changing area do kind of feel as though they are situated somewhere in the alps with the balcony overlooking the slope, it’s little things like this that endear me to places. It’s the added effort that goes a long way.

I must say I am extremely glad that I have my own equipment when visiting; I fully understand that nobody in their right mind is going to give newbies the best of the best only to break and destroy, but wearing rental boots and stiff bindings could be the death of me after a 3 hour lesson. In saying that the boards are predominantly all Burton and are at a good entry level and no first timer needs anything else.

Finally, save the best until last! It’s real snow! This snow is piste bashed after each session and makes the experience even more enjoyable and realistic in comparison to mountain ranges. This snow can also be hired from the dome if you are planning on having a snow party in the middle of August (just a thought.)The Tamworth Snowdome is a great resource, located in the midlands it is accessible for many across the board. If you are a pro then no this is not the place to go probably, you should probably be out doing a season or maybe sponsored by Red Bull. But if you’re like me and enjoy trying new things on the slopes or just want to learn then I say whole heartedly give it a go here!

As a final, final note, the famous BRUM showed his headlights at the dome a few years ago and even caught some dastardly thieves on the slopes so it can’t be bad ey? Is it me or in Brum all they do is steal or break the law? Just me that watches then…I digress.

To check the Tamworth Snowdome out in full and to experience it yourself visit their website and sign up to their mailing list as a tip. There are constantly offers and deals to be had, it’s well worth it!

Keep Boarding people x



2 thoughts on “The Tamworth Review

  1. Sam Eden says:

    Nice review. My thoughts on Tamworth are…. Yes it is quite a short slope if you are at the level where you’ve done some decent piste time. I get a bit frustrated as you can’t really open up and spend more time on the lift than on the snow. But it is an indoor slope and for what it is its really good.

    I actually learnt to snowboard at Tamworth and your right the instructors are really patient and kind and good at what they do. If you are wanting to learn to board then a ”learn in a day” lesson is the way forward. Tamworth offer the all day lesson, which is not cheap but if you are looking to get your basic skills in before going on a snow trip its so worth it. That way when you hit the Alps or wherever you may go, you can get straight in to the action and not waste your expensive holiday on the nursery slopes!

    So yeh do an all day lesson maybe a month before and try get in a few sessions at the indoor to keep you up to basic level. When you hit the real slopes it will all come naturally! 🙂

    As for pros, intermediates, people that can hold their own, Tamworth is frustrating as I say due to its short length, but then as far as snow domes go, its actually pretty long considering when it was built. Lets face it, where else are you going to practice and keep up to par in the Midlands? They run pretty cool park nights which I have yet to try out, so if wanna play around and get some tricks on the go Tamworth is perfect for that and you can ride straight up to the rope pull to save time not riding.


  2. Sam Eden says:

    Also most importantly and as the boardroom states… ITS REAL SNOW! I despise dry slopes!

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